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The scale consisting of 10 positive and 8 negative perceptions, indicating the established emotion and perception about refugees and asylum seekers; [1-2-3-4-6-7-9-10-16-18 POSITIVE, 5-8-11-12-13-14-15-17 NEGATIVE] Strongly disagreeà1 point and Strongly agreeà will be in the range of 5 points. It will be evaluated on the lowest 18 points and the highest 90 points. * “Negative perception” below 41 points * * Interval of 41-66 points “Instability in perception” * Above 67 points “Positive perspective in perception” SCALE;

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1-It does not bother me that there are asylum seekers and refugees where we live.

2-It does not bother me that my child / I study at the same school with asylum seekers and refugee students.

3-It does not bother me that someone in the family marries the refugee.

4-It does not bother me to work with refugee people in shopping areas or neighboring places.

5-When there are many students and young people in need of help in my country, it helps me to help refugees and refugees.

6-Social awareness trainings for the refugee community should be provided in schools or youth education centers.

7-I would like to provide financial and moral support to asylum seekers and refugee children and social assistance institutions for students.

8-Our local government cannot produce enough policies for the needs of refugee youth.

9-It is very suitable for the establishment of important centers that will take place in the integration stage of the refugee youth I live in.

10-It makes me happy to open new business areas in terms of providing professional skills for refugee youth.

11-Employment of refugee young people in the economy causes the unemployment rate to increase for the youth of the local people.

12-Refugee youths and their families reduce our living standards.

13-Many around me discriminate against asylum seekers and refugee students and young people.

14-Refugee youth and students negatively affect the social climate in schools.

15-The concentration of refugee students in schools located outside the city centers makes integration difficult.

16-Integration processes of asylum seekers, refugee students and young people with society will not take a long time.

17-The fact that my country's specific location is at the forefront as a transition country makes me very uncomfortable.

18-I would like to attend training seminars on the integration of refugee youth in education and social life.